Context Travel: Unveils Multi-Day Tours Across Europe


Context Travel, a provider of educational travel, has launched Context Journeys. This brand’s first fully-planned, multi-day, small, and private group tour in cultural capitals across Europe.

Journeys will launch in 2022. The brand’s network is made up of scholars who hold PhDs or other terminal degrees and teach at university level in areas such as archaeology and cuisine, history, history, theology and art history. Context Travel claims that these experts have dedicated their lives learning about the history and corporate culture in these cities. They can provide unique insights and connections to help you appreciate the destination more.

Pre-planned itineraries include hotel accommodations, logistics, and on-the ground tours. Context travelers will also enjoy exclusive experiences. In Amsterdam, for example, the small group will visit Rembrandt’s home before going to dinner at a canal house to see a private collection of art. Each tour participant will be given VIP treatment because Context’s experts have long-standing connections to the museums and places being toured.

One-third of Journeys bookings since its launch earlier in the month have been made by clients who took Context’s digital learning programs “Context Conversations” which were created during the pandemic. With the help of Context’s network, this program provides live interactive seminars and courses covering a range of historical and cultural topics. The program allows travelers who sign up for Journeys 2022 to have the opportunity to meet their experts online, then take their classes and then travel in-person with Journeys.

Some of the Journeys tours that are coming up include “Venice Through the Ages” with Dr. Thomas Madden, “Dutch Art In The Netherlands with Sabry Amroussi,” and “Exploring Scotland With Dr. Alan Montgomery.”

What is Context Travel?

Context Travel is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It offers educational and exploratory experiences around cultural capitals all over the globe. The company’s experts offer in-depth tours to intellectually curious travellers in over 45 cities, “from Bangkok and Boston.”

Context Travel was founded in 2003 and founder-led. In 2017, Context Travel received growth funds to expand its offerings and develop an executive team and expand to more cities around the world.

Context Travel is a leading company in travel management in the country. It offers unique opportunities for business travelers to immerse themselves in the culture and history of a city through tours led by local experts. The six Docents that lead the tours are experts in art history, archeology and cuisine.

This partnership allows business travelers to make the most of their time by maximizing their time in many destinations around the globe, whether itaEUR(tm),s to get a better understanding or enrichment of the people of a city before business interactions start.

What are the requirements for working at Context Travel?

A Docent must possess the following qualities: enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills.

How can you make money? is dedicated to enriching best travel experiences for tourists, backpackers, and globetrotters. It organizes walking seminars with archaeologists and chefs, historians, as well as a variety local experts.

What is the maximum amount you can make on Context Travel

It is difficult to estimate the exact amount of Docents who lead walking seminars. They will likely make a portion of the total cost for each walk, and Context Travel will take a commission for each walk. To become a Context Travel Docent, you will need to submit an application.

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