Understanding Chocobo Favorite Food System

If you feed your chocobo 10x the same food over a period of 10+ hours, it will be stable and become its Ffxiv Chocobo Favorite Food. Curiel Root and Sylkis Bud are current favorites. Tantalplant, Tantalplant, Tantalplant, Pahsana fruit, and Mimett Gourd are also possible.

I raised my Ffxiv Chocobo Favorite food to rank 20. Curiel Roots are no longer necessary for him. I would like to switch him to a stat-buff food that he prefers. Although I have trained him with the new food and he has been stabled, it doesn’t indicate that it has had any effect. His favorite food is still Curiel Root. I have only done it twice, but I believe they would lose that if they were trained with any other food. Does it simply mean he doesn’t have enough exp to register the training?

Ffxiv Chocobo Favorite Training Food for Gardening

Final Fantasy XIV Online: The Realm Reborn on PC, a GameFAQs topic titled “Gardening & Chocobo Training Food?”

Chocobo Raising Guide

Be aware of the following: Your chocobo will grow slower than a rental one when it first starts to grow up. No matter how hard you try, expect to run laps around someone. Do not be afraid to cut corners on food. Your chocobo will not care if you give her Gysahl Greens and Asouph Greens. The additional effects of food are not significant.

Which Merchants can I purchase Ffxiv Chocobo Favorite Food?

Craft, market, and/or vendors selling racing food are all examples of race food. Stable food can be grown by some vendors or markets. Most of the food is grown. The vath stocks a variety of food, including some that is stable or buff. You can also buy the seeds from one the gc vendors iirc.

When the bird is stabled, Krakka root and curiel root in field. Once Curiel root is the bird’s favourite food, it gives bonus EXPs on each kill. However, it doesn’t do anything when the bird has been stabled. The Thavnairian Onions, which start at rank 10, are a limit-break food. Kill one mob, then take the bird out.

Calculates how much food is needed to change your mount’s colour. To see how much food your chocobo needs, simply select the colour you are currently using and then submit. FFXIV Chocobo Colour Calculator. To calculate how much chocobo food you’ll need to change your current colour to your preferred colour, use the form below. …

Ffxiv Chocobo Favorite Food has three types currently: Attacker Tank Hero, Level 10 and 10 rank-worth of points in one skill tree will get you the Job  Specific barding. Resetting the skill tree of a Chocobo via Regan Pepper or leveling up another tree to R10 won’t net you any other barding.