SouthJet Air Flight 227, a MD-88 from Atlanta, is his pilot. It experiences severe turbulence when it takes off. Whip takes a rest while Whip mixes vodka into his orange juice, and Ken Evans is the copilot. He is awakened by a metallic sound as the aircraft descends to 22,000 feet. Whip cannot control the elevators so he is forced to invert it to keep the aircraft at the right altitude. He manages to turn the aircraft around and land it in an open area in Clayton County Georgia. The plane’s wings are visible against the church spire as it descends. Whip is unconscious when the plane hits the ground.

Evans is not upset and will not tell the NTSB about Whip’s drinking, even though he is.

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It was given the flight instructions from JPL, and it sent those plans to the helicopter.

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Whip retires to his father’s farm and meets Charlie Lang and Hugh Lang. They clarify that the National Transportation Safety Board did a drug look at Whip, but Whip was not conscious. Hugh promises to have the toxicology report thrown out on technical grounds. He succeeds. Whip visits Nicole and soon becomes intimatable with her. However, his drinking habits clash with Nicole’s so he tries to keep it clear.