Food Skateboards


If you Love Food and Skating

A while back, I wrote a post about food skateboards. As it turned out, I only covered a handful of cool food skateboards back then. It’s time to explore more food skateboards. This is the perfect board for those who love to eat and also skate.

Skateboarding, food, and food – what more could you want? Skateboarding is something I have stopped doing. You eventually get used to it. Skateboarding culture is something I still love. It is filled with incredible graphic design. Skateboard design has been a career highlight for many great artists.

This website is supposed be about food. To be able skateboarding, I have to make this website about food. It turned out that it wasn’t difficult at all. There are many great looking skateboards that have been inspired by food and drink. As I mentioned, I also made this list once before. There have been many new designs since then and I’ve discovered even more cool food skateboards. Enjoy another collection of awesome food skateboards.

This skateboard is quite unusual. The flips may be a problem but it looks great. The Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s prints and Bart Simpson on a skateboard. There’s nothing better than that. This skateboard will be a hit.

Aaron Herrington is a huge fan of donuts. This is a great design, and it’s perfect for a food-skateboard. This is a tribute to Jaws and donuts.

This one is far more art than it is actually useful, and even dangerous. Imagine this one flying down a hill. It’s not your job to catch it. This one is so cute! This is T-Rex riding on a hotdog, Colt 45 for the hard drinker.

You don’t have to be Bread Food Skateboards

Finally, I had to share this photo. It’s not a skating board, but it is food. Donuts are food, at least. These wheels are a must-have for any skateboard.