Hunting Island Beach: 4 Things to Consider


The ethereal beauty of South Carolina’s most visited state park will amaze nature lovers. It attracts more than a million visitors annually. Hunting Island Beach is a peaceful place for everyone who visits it. Cuthbert House Inn can make your visit even more enjoyable. Ask us about our complimentary passes to Hunting Island when you visit. We do have limited supplies that we are happy to share with guests. Request a free copy of our Vacation Guide to learn more about Beaufort, SC. We’ll give you the best recommendations on dining, outdoor activities, historic sites to see, events, and much more. Come join us to experience the city.

Top Picks for Hunting Island Beach Things to Do

Visit the Lighthouse

Hunting Island State Park is home to one of the most beautiful things: a visit at the lighthouse. This lighthouse is the only one that’s open to the public in South Carolina. It was constructed in 1859. Due to beach erosion, it has been rebuilt, relocated, and restored several times. It is a 167-step climb to reach the observation deck. The beautiful beach below will amaze you. Children must be at least 44 inches tall to climb the observation deck. Before bringing your children along, make sure you measure them.

Go fishing and Hunting Island Beach

This popular state park has plenty of fishing spots. You can surf fish in the ocean, try your luck at Johnson Creek, and catch a large fish at the lagoon. You can borrow rods and reels from the Nature Center, or you can buy bait and other gear from the park store. The fishing pier is only partially open so no fishing is allowed. You should still visit it to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Take a hike

Hunting Island State Park has many trails that take you along the coast and through the marsh. You should take a walk to “The Boneyard”, a section of the shoreline covered in ghost trees and eroded. If you’re looking to relax for a while, request to borrow our beach chairs. You can also have a picnic in a Cuthbert House tote.

The Maritime Forest Trail will also be a highlight. It takes you deep into dense Maritime Forest, home to animals such as owls and deer, as well as hawks. Even better is that your pet friend can also be welcomed on many park trails if they are staying in one of the two pet-friendly rooms.

Find out more about the region

The Nature Center offers a guided tour that will take you through the park’s many aspects. You can see their live reptile displays, learn about Hurricane Matthew’s impact on Hunting Island State Park, the surrounding area, as well as discover the beach’s natural resources. The park’s visitor centre houses a small museum with more information about the lighthouse.

We can be your home away from home!

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