Five Things You Need to Be Educated About National Day Golden Week


Five Things You Need to Be Educated About National Day Golden Week

The Chinese national day is a significant day that celebrates China’s independence and emergence as a state. To commemorate the birth of the People’s Republic of China the National Day holiday is celebrated each year on October 1st-7th. The golden week, a seven-day festival that is a holiday for Chinese citizens, runs from the 1st of October to the 7th of October. Numerous events are organized across the country to celebrate these celebrations, particularly in Beijing. The public holiday is a symbol of national cohesion. It allows us to honor the contributions of our predecessors while anticipating the bright and successful future.

Ceremony to raise the flag

The Tian’anmen flag-raising ceremony Square is one of the many ceremonies that take place during the gold week of national day. National fag guards parade in order from Tian’anmen gate tower during this ceremony. A anthem is sung, which stirs hearts, and arms are saluted. Many people attend the ceremony in Tian’anmen Square more than they do on normal days.

Parade of the military

Another activity conducted during the golden week of the national day is the military parade that displays China’s military strength in a a presentation lasting for about sixty-six minutes. This presentation and military parade is held to remember the nation’s humiliation as well as to commemorate the martyrs of the revolution as well as to promote national cohesion and unity.

Event gala

The national day gala is held with the aim of honoring the country and modern era while being presented by a variety of songs, dances and celebrations. This celebration helps to bring about a festive mood and helps everyone Chinese people feel an underlying sense of patriotism.

Activities for Anniversaries

Celebrations for the anniversary involve the communist party as well as status leaders presenting flowers to the monument of people’s heroes to commemorate those who died in the liberation of China. Overseas Chinese communities participate in flag-raising ceremonies and various celebrations during the festival.

Interesting Facts About China’s National Day


The golden week of national days calendar isn’t the same across China and is the longest extended public holiday in the year on mainland China.

Stairs that are decorated

Every public institution and government departments hang and display their lanterns in their stores or shops in the streets to celebrate the national day, a golden week. Potted plants are positioned and organised on the main square in order to mark and mark the national day’s celebrations.


Many Chinese visit China for the celebration of Christmas and visit resorts. Every year, the number of visitors increases significantly. If you landed a job to teach teaching English in China, you would be stunned by the huge crowds that fill the streets and popular attraction sites in various Chinese cities.


During the festivities, you are able to go shopping in the various shopping malls in China. The malls are usually filled with people who spend the time buying decorations, food products and drinks to celebrate the occasion. The malls are brimming with different items and products and offer special holiday discounts and special deals that attract customers.


Hotels are typically packed and the demand is high during the national holiday golden week due to the large number of visitors. Book your hotel, flight or train ticket in advance to avoid price hikes due to the increased demand.

China is a huge country that offers a variety of possibilities, diverse culture and incredible holiday events that visitors or expats can enjoy while searching for teaching jobs in China or simply visiting for time with their family and friends. The celebrations, outstanding cultural heritage and top tourist destinations will make for a a memorable and rewarding experience.