Top 5 Tips for Train Travel to India

Train Travel

Always chain your luggage

I have always attached my Train Travel to India luggage to the rails. I was unaware of the protection provided until one day I lost my chain and my luggage got stolen. It is better to be safe that sorry. To avoid unpleasant surprises, lock your luggage and attach it to the train.

Get your food ready for you!

Indian Railways provides a food service aboard most trains. They do an admirable job catering to large groups, but there isn’t much choice. Travel Khana, an online food ordering service that I discovered recently, is fantastic. You can order your food online ahead of time and someone will bring a freshly prepared meal to your place at the station you choose. You can choose from a variety of meal choices and local restaurants will prepare the food. A thali, dosa, and perhaps biryani are all options.

Be prepared for noisy neighbours

My preference is to sleep as much as possible on trains. However, it’s not something that my neighbours do. You can block out all noise by wearing earplugs. An eye mask will block out light. You will be able to get uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Always keep extra food on hand

Sometimes, train journeys may take longer than anticipated or the train might stop unexpectedly in the middle. It’s worth packing extra water and snacks in case things go wrong. I like to have some biscuits or nuts along with my hot cup of tea.

Give yourself time

Train rides can be very long, especially if you are travelling solo. But, think about it. Where else will you find such uninterrupted time to do absolutely nothing? You can spend this time doing things you wouldn’t normally be able to in your hectic daily lives. A big book is something I take with me on long trips. You can catch up on the movies that you haven’t seen, meet new friends, or just gaze out the window and enjoy the stunning scenery of India.

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