This Donald “Trump Time Travel” Conspiracy Theory


There are conspiracy theories for almost every historical event, and many other explanations for minor events. Although it is entertaining to read these bizarre stories about what “really” happened and the evidence that supports them, most conspiracy theories can be debunked by witnesses or other proof. Because facts and reality are more important than all the rest. Trump Time Travel is why a Donald Trump conspiracy theory about time travel exists. There are certainly some eerie coincidences.

Let’s examine the details and the evidence to support them. Donald Trump Time Travel conspiracy theory about Trump is absurd, even though the POTUS has been able to further divide the country during his tenure in office.

The conspiracy theory of Donald Trump’s time travel is based upon books dating back to the 1890s. Okay, so here’s the basic idea of the Trump-related conspiracy theory: Donald Trump and his family time traveled from a distant past to the present day in order to rule over the U.S.

A strange set of coincidences proves this to be true. They are derived from two books published in 1890s. They are called Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, and The Last President.

Baron Trump’s book tells the story of a boy who discovers a secret portal that allows him to travel through time. Even though his first name is spelled differently from that of the POTUS’s son, who spells it “Barron”, there Trump Time Travel lifestyle are still some interesting coincidences if one looks closely.

Snopes reports that Trump’s adventures began in Russia, and were guided by the’master of all masters’, a man called ‘Don’. “Trump is informed of his family’s motto before he sets out on his journey through the unknown.

We have so far a Baron Trump character who is being guided by Don. Here’s the scary part.

In The Last President Lockwood starts his story in New York City at the beginning of November. The book’s characters were in panic after the election of an “enormously opposing outsider candidate”. (Sound familiar?)

According to Newsweek, police officers shouted in the streets warning residents to stay inside for the night. “Mobs of large size are organizing under anarchists’ and socialists’ leadership and threaten to plunder the homes of those who have oppressed and wronged them for so long.”

It turns out that the man who won the presidency was extremely wealthy and lived on 5th Avenue. (Hmmm… Trump Tower is on 5th Avenue. After Lockwood’s character is elected president, Lafe Pence was one of his first cabinet members. (It’s not Mike but it’s a good idea.)

How would Donald Trump Time Travel be able to access a time machine?

This question is also answered by conspiracy theorists Nikola Tesla. According to, John Trump, Donald Trump’s uncle, was an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he evaluated the papers within weeks of Nikola’s death. They were “primarily of an speculative and philosophical nature,” he said. He also noted that the papers didn’t contain any new sound or workable principles.

Okay, Donald Trump did not travel in time using a time machine blueprint that he stole from Nikola Tesla. But Ingersoll Lockwood’s books do exist. The parallels between the two books are amazing, you must admit.

Who thinks that the time-traveling Trump conspiracy theory should become a sci-fi film? (Hey, it’d be fun to watch.)