These are the Best Ways to Meet New People When Traveling


Chances are, if you’re among the millions of people who travel to new cities each year, you might be traveling alone or without knowing anyone. Both? Even better! It’s great to go on a trip with loved ones or to take care of yourself alone. But, having new friends can add an extra spark to your travel memories.

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These are tried-and-true methods to meet new people on your travels or when you move to a new place!

These are the Best Ways to Meet New People When Traveling

  • Facebook Groups

I was surprised to find how many people are looking for friendship and new places to meet, even though they haven’t been active on Facebook in years. You can search for “Things to Do in (City)” or “New to (City)” and you will find many groups. Don’t be shy about posting a message!

As a single female, I find it safer to post in groups only for women. My experience with Facebook Groups was wildly successful to my surprise. I received 20+ replies or reached out to me in a matter of hours and had the opportunity to explore amazing spots with new friends.

  • Bumble

Bumble isn’t just for dating, though it’s a great way to find people in your area.

There’s a mix of visitors, long-term residents, and people just moving in the group. No matter if you are only here for a few days or have just moved to the city, chances are you will meet people who will show you their favourite spots or take you to new places.

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  • Participate in Small-Venue Events

Did you know that interaction is more common when there are fewer people in a space? While I have yet to meet new friends at a large music festival, I have had many great conversations at almost empty bars. The bottom line is that less is more.

You can skip the mega-star concert and go for a local band or comedian at a small venue. You can also drop by a bar to grab a drink before the weekly viewing party, trivia night or tasting event. If you are single, these are great opportunities for you to join a group.

  • Get involved in a local activity

The Eventbrite app is free to download and instantly you will be prompted with a list of all the activities happening in your area every day. For those who want to meet people at their best, low-key options like yoga or an art walk/mural tour are great choices. However, high-energy events such as silent discos or karaoke can be a great way to have fun with friends.

A trio of sisters asked me to join their escape room mission after I passed it. We had a great time laughing and we are still connected via social media.

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Do not be afraid to introduce yourself, ask for recommendations, and say hello to others in group activities settings. You might be surprised at the number of people who are open to making new friends and inviting you to tag along or join them.

  • Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb offers a variety of activities, including kayaking trips, yacht experiences, wine and food pairings, to make new friends. Solo activities, such as painting, can also be arranged. If you like each other, a local instructor might be able to pair you up with another person. They may also be able suggest places that might attract friendly people.

All of this being said, I would advise you to make the first move. Don’t let intimidation stop you from approaching friendly strangers and starting a conversation. If you leave with new friends and a city, it’s low-pressure but high-reward.

  • Meetup

Meetup is a great way to discover things to do in your area, and it’s also a way to make new friends!

Many cities have amazing, niche groups that offer everything from art, language-learning, and sports to spirituality and health. It is also great for networking, LGBTQ+ communities, and dating.

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You can find people who share your interests, whether you are looking for local introductions to the coffee shop scene or a group hike.

  • Dog Parks

Regular parks and dog parks are great places to meet other animal lovers. After all, who wouldn’t want to be introduced by their furbaby to a friendly face? Dogs are known for their ability to bring people together, whether you’re travelling with your pet or simply enjoying watching others having fun.