Glossary of “NYX Angel Food Cake” Butter Gloss


This product has mixed reviews from me. Let’s start with nyx angel food cake the positive aspects. It has a fruity scent. It’s moisturizing. It is not sticky and leaves a pinkish-hued finish. It isn’t very pigmented. It is almost transparent, and the pink color only accentuates my natural lips color. This product is not recommended for people with darker skin tones. This gives off a subtle pink hue on very fair skin with natural light pink lips. The color won’t be as evident on darker, pinkish-brown lips. This gloss can be used over a matte lipstick. I tried it out. I used the most dry matte nude lipstick I had, and then applied a layer of the gloss over it. It was amazing! I’m still trying out his product with other colors of lips.

The entire range of lip glosses I tried wasn’t as pigmented as it should be. This is why the intense butter gloss is better. It is affordable, readily available, and cruelty-free. If you don’t eat a lot, the lip color will last longer. It can easily transfer to any surface your lips are in contact with. It’s kind of disappointing.

This product is recommended for fair girls and those who prefer to wear minimal makeup. It looks more like a clear gloss than a pink gloss. If you are interested in experimenting with different combinations, I recommend pairing this NYX Angel Food Cake with nude matte dry lip colors for an incredible look. It is not FOOD FANTASY FANART something I would buy again. It is a 3. The pigmentation is low, but the quality is exceptional.

These NYX Angel Food Cake lip glosses are great for a budget of $10. These glosses are a must-have for beauty geeks and gloss hoarders. Two shades were purchased from this range recently. Continue reading for more information about this lip product.

The gloss is packaged in a long, skinny tube that looks like a standard-sized test tube. The packaging is color-coded with a doe foot applicator. It is lightweight and easy to transport. The applicator is easy to use and picks up enough product to cover the lips.

Texture: The texture is creamy and easy to apply, but not too thick. It is very creamy and not overpowering. It would not distract from other features.

Color: This shade is a soft pink, which NYX Angel Food Cake looks more like a baby’s pink with cool undertones. It still looks pretty on my face. It doesn’t have a frosty look.