You Should Do in San Francisco


The City By The Bay has more attractions than anyone could possibly explore. These are 20 top things to do in San Francisco, a local’s view!

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Nearly a million creative people live in San Francisco, one of the nation’s “smallest” major cities. This means that there are more attractions than you could ever discover. And all this is within 46 square miles. No matter how short your time is, you can still enjoy San Francisco’s best attractions.

You don’t have to be critical of me for not including Fisherman’s Wharf in Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and Lombard Street. Or Union Square, the retail shopping mecca that is renowned enough that you know what they are all about. Although you might not have heard of some of my favourite spots, I guarantee they are all worth your time.

1. Wave Organ

This list will begin with the “natural” wonder that is the wave organ. This gigantic acoustic sculpture uses the ocean’s waves as a source of sound to produce varying sounds that resemble music. For the best performance, check the tides before you go.

2. Alcatraz

The famous island prison is just a short ferry ride from San Francisco. It’s still full of stories and history. Your guided tour will cost you $30 and must be booked well in advance. It takes only a few hours and is an experience that I think everyone will enjoy.

3. Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is located on the Embarcadero’s edge. It offers a stunning view of the Bay Bridge, as well as enough food options to keep you satisfied for the whole day. It houses a variety of niche food stalls that are unique to the Bay Area.

Cowgirl Creamery is a favorite among cheese lovers. They offer a variety of specialty macaroni and grilled cheese options. Seafood lovers will enjoy Hog Island which is known for its locally-caught oysters. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you can find the farmers market out front.

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4. Japanese Tea Garden

The Golden Gate Park is located on the west side of the city. It’s the west coast’s Central Park. In fact, it’s larger than Central Park. It is home to many attractions including a golf course, a botanical garden, and the Fine Arts de Young Museum.

My favorite feature is, however, the Japanese Tea Gardens. The tranquility of this beautiful green space makes it seem like you’re not in the middle of any city.

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5. Hippie Hill

Hippie Hill is also located in the Golden Gate Park. Its association with Haight-Ashbury is appropriately named. This lawn has been host to many festivals and events over the years. Perhaps the most notable was the Summer of Love 1967.

Although it is a lot more calm these days, you will still see musicians strumming guitars or playing hand drums. This spot is a great place to relax and enjoy a rare moment in SF’s history.

6. Muir Woods

It is a short drive from Muir Woods, which is a magical and mystical natural wonderland. You’ll beat the crowds and have more time to explore if you get up early.

7. Japantown

Japantown is a great alternative to Chinatown. It offers traditional Japanese food, Japanese spa Kabuki Springs & Spa, and karaoke lounges. It’s worth spending a day or a few hours here.

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8. Giants game at AT&T Park

The multi-World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants, are a game you will never forget. At&T Park, which overlooks the bay, transforms an otherwise mundane game or evening into a memorable experience that everyone will love.