5 Tips to Plan Your Trip – Straight from the Travel Agents

Travel Agents

For organizing cords, you can reuse glasses cases.

It can be handy to have an extra case for your sunglasses. Rachelle Rayner, Travel Agents says to avoid a mess in your bag. Roll up your phone charger and place it inside the case.

Enjoy shoulder season Travel Agents

Richter advises that you research peak seasons and plan your trip to avoid disappointment after you’ve settled on a location. Peak travel times are usually predictable. These include holidays, spring break and summer months. Because of the influx of tourists, prices tend to rise during peak times. This means that traveling in shoulder season is a less expensive and more crowded option.

Learn more about holiday hours and open times.

It is an easy task to research attractions before you go, but it is important to also consider the timing of your visit (including holidays). Be aware of when museums are closed. Ball advises that you don’t go to a city to see a particular exhibit for only one day and then find out later that the museum is closed that day. When she was in Prague, she had to learn this lesson the hard way. Ball said that the Saturday was all she had. “What I really wanted was to see the Jewish sites, but they’re closed on Saturday, their holy holiday.”

Attention to flight times

In order to avoid delays in the airline industry, it is best to travel in morning. It is also easier to land at your destination in daylight so you can take advantage the activities available. Reddit user Reddit: “I have seen people Travel Agents book vacation packages online only for them to arrive late at their destination. It is a waste of time and money. It’s not always possible, but it is an essential part of starting your vacation on the right track.

Select a hotel with care.

Hotels are not just a place where you can sleep. Today, people travel to select boutique hotels or resorts for their “just a place to sleep.” Duncan Greenfield Turk, Luxury London Guy’s managing director, says: “My tips to clients are always that you focus on the hotels first when looking for a destination.” “It’s where your sleep, on many occasions where you eat, as well as if you entertain often, you should be able host drinks before you go out.

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